Saturday, September 03, 2005

real life wedding crashers

oh my! candice finally got all the wedding pictures to me, so here's the first! chanel cuddling up close to ryan, who's trying to be straight. awww! we were all in line for the chocolate fountain.

here are just some of the lifeguards at amy's wedding. there were a LOT of us there, and we were loud and hungry. that's david, candice, me, chanel, and ryan.

i told you we were obnoxious! here we are, bored, playing quack-dilly-o-so. the line for the chocolate fountain took forever!

chanel and i got a wolf whistle from the groom's father when we took this one. gasp! anyway, i'd just like to point out how muscular my calves are. i didn't know they looked like that. hurray for bike riding! oh, and chanel, in this picture? she's drunk.

this was right after we discovered the wedding party favors, and right before we saw the buffet with lots of meat, cheese, crackers, and fruit. the pineapple never knew what hit it.

hurrah for underage drinking! chanel, me, candice, siam, and cathy. i don't know cathy, but she was cool.

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