Monday, September 26, 2005

because i know you care

mar sent me some fantastic pictures he took over the first few days we met. there are more now, but i don't have those. so you just get to see these.
here we have: caleb, taich, mar, and frans! i love this picture to bits. caleb is so angry! and holding the animal fur pillow!

the girls on the ends are frans and mar's neighbors. they have a very love-hate relationship, although i think the girls are mostly just indifferent. jessica and i made them move over so we could sit - yay us! pushing around strangers!

this is the day elaina introduced me to frans. mar has this nifty black and white setting on his camera, and he loves it. he likes to show it off a lot.

oh elaina. such a gorgeous cousin, i just don't know what to do with her! i haven't seen her in 3 days, she wasn't at class this morning and i know she's just across the street, WITHIN SIGHT OF MY WINDOW, sleeping at her boyfriend's apartment.

again with the girls that mar and frans love to hate. then frans, and mar (who has a really bony hip that was digging into my thigh!) and my dear, wonderful, fantastic stoner of a brother on the very end. oh brent. he loves his hookah so very much.
frans and i tried to do an emo pose. it didn't work very well. mostly 'cause neither of us look emo, and we weren't trying very hard either.

as i was looking through mar's photos, i found this. a picture he took of himself with the timer. he says he was trying to find the spot to put the camera for a group photo, but i don't believe him. i know he just wanted a thug picture next to the pretty lamp.

tonight, i got frans to make quesadillas for me. he was watching me while i was eating sour cream straight from the tub, and when the huge gob of lovely, tasty sour cream didn't make it into my mouth, he said, "chelsea, i am so glad you're my friend." truly, i could play video games and drink and love this boy forever.

and last! proof that western is for outdoor lovers. we chased these raccoons all over the trails, but mar is slow with his camera, so this is the best picture we got. at one point we were FIVE FEET AWAY from the suckers, and forgot to use the flash. ahhh, mar!

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Rj said...

Hi Chelsea! Remember me?? Cool pictures, you're awesome, miss you, blah blah, cliche cliche, mustard donuts.