Friday, September 23, 2005

i'm never going home

the idea of going back to my parents' house is just too painful to think about. i mean, there are just too many people in this dorm! i can talk to anyone any time i want! everyone says the freedom is overwhelming.. and they were right! before i thought i was scared to leave home; now i'm not really scared of anything. i know i'm going to kick ass and take names, no matter what i do. maybe i'll fall a little behind in my sociology class... it's really not my sort of thing right now... but oh well. textbook classes are a given, may as well get used to it now.

a few days ago, elaina introduced me to a boy she met on the stairs. this boy's name was frans. frans is from minnesota, and he's one of my all-time favorite people i've met at western. we kick it in his living room, playing super nintendo and drinking jager. (right now i'm trying to check my email and it's not working and it's driving me MAD!) his roommate mar is another favorite. he's from mexico, has a very charming spanish accent, and his hair is long and curly. it bounces when he moves, and trust me, this kid moves a lot. he's loud and friendly and i can't wait to see him party. mar likes to take pictures and talk about his bartender back home. it's hilarious listening to him, though, because despite all his talks of partying and being rowdy and uncontained, if he gets caught doing anything illegal, he loses his scholarship. so mar is a boy with a big mouth, but nothing to back it up (yet. we're possibly going to a party this weekend.)

another person i've met is jessica sigmundsen. yes, jessica, the girl who went to my high school and i watched tv regularly with over the summer. we never really hit it off, but now that we're off to school in the big wide world, we're going on hikes and sitting around the dorm downstairs and eating together and basically just having a ball of it. the other day we sat around my brother's house and listened to his stoner friends' talk. now, we have enough inside jokes to last us until spring quarter.

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