Saturday, September 17, 2005

here goes!

in 12 hours from now, give or take, i'll be moved out of my home, officially cut off from the loving womb of a life without grocery bills and responsibility. now i'm going to feel guilty if the shower gets all scummy, instead of letting someone else clean it. now i'm going to have to be polite to people, instead of ignoring them when i don't want to talk like i do with scott. now i'm going to be living with no steady income, in a place where it will be ridiculously easy for me to spend my entire life savings. now i might have to buy paper for my printer. now, if i turn off my alarm and say i slept through it, i have no one to make the excuse to. i'll be left to my own devices - god knows what's going to happen. nothing i won't be able to live with, i'm sure.

although, the way rj kept reminding me "this is the last time you're going to ____", i am freaking out just a little bit. no more dinners out for no reason other than having money to spend and no other ideas? scary! i don't know if i can do this whole "budgeting money" thing.

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