Tuesday, September 13, 2005

procrastination kicking in...

four days until i'm a college student! don't even get me started on how scared i am. tommy knows. tommy and i held each other and whimpered and cried for three hours the other day.

now that i have to pack up everything i own into boxes, i can't do it. what if i need to play with my stuffed froggie before school? huh?? i'm trying to do laundry and stuff, but it's hard. okay, here's a list of things around my room that still need to be packed (i have four boxes and a full laundry bag already) :

computer chair
froggie that sits on the computer
alarm clock
3 smallish storage drawers
shoe rack
movies and dvd's (maybe i'll leave them at home for now...)
that huge blob of lotions and body sprays that multiplied over the summer
my shelf full of top ramen
the cactus!
the two tupperware storage things under my bed
pictures from around the world
photo album
sun lamp

that's just the stuff i saw looking around right now. i also need to buy two more storage drawers for my socks and bras. ARGH. i don't think it's all going to fit in the back of rj's truck!! i really don't! i think i'm going to have to leave more stuff at home than i was expecting. mostly i just really, really hope there's a place for all my books to go. there should be.. right? right?!

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