Wednesday, September 14, 2005

one long photo blog

let's kick this off with my two favorite people! rj and chanel! this was right after the small ska show we went to in seattle, chanel and i were still tipsy from the champagne and those burger hut burgers were damn good.

down at the beach today, chanel and i found a beagle dog to play with. later, that fat old thing got chased around a log 5 times by a younger and smaller beagle. ha! old farts, move over!

chanel took this pic of porky and me. that night we were supposed to watch lots of movies, but she ditched me. grr. haha. anyway porky is the cutest (and fastest growing) kitten in the world!

chanel and her pretty blue eyes! on our way to the good ol' pool.

chanel drinking from my water bottle! she even does it without spilling on herself! amazing!!

chanel says this is my innocent picture, but i don't see it. i just think that dog was really really furry and cute and kind of like rj's dog, he was fat and stinky.

who is that, you ask? why, it's chanelsea! the monster with two seperate moving bodies, but is really just the SAME CRAZED PERSON running around teaching kids how to swim! GASP! run away! oh and funny story! two seconds later chanel dropped that cigarette between her legs and burnt her thigh.

chanelsea breaking the roof of chanel's prelude.

at the small ska show in seattle, chanel and i met the most beautiful roadie in the world. i taught him how to blow bubbles, and he fed us champagne in paper cups. i think his name was chad? i want to marry him.

chanel got stuck in a tree. we had to call the fire department to get her down.

you'd never guess it. but the puget sound is cold in september! oh my! give it a few more months, then it'll be time to go for a float.

my feet got swallowed by the dirt.

this was a pretty fountain in florida.

jamie and i got really really dark in florida. we also went without makeup and hairbrushes that whole week. scary!

this was the most beautiful sunset of my life. except that i saw the same sunset every single night in the florida keys. i want to die there, in the sun, looking out on the clear blue ocean with little spots of green islands.

this is a tree from florida. my dad says it's a mangrove, and i believe him.

this is the happiest chanelsea picture ever taken! look at us! we're beautiful and full of life and possibilites. i'm going to cry thinking about how much i'm going to miss her when i leave.

this is the picture that made me chanel's hero. awesome!

while in florida, i introduced jamie to the chanelsea special recipe for success: taquitos with fake cheese dip and sour cream! she loved it. everyone does.

so jamie had this brilliant idea of wading out into the ocean in her shorts. she got further than i thought she would, but she still had to go back and take them off.

two hot girls on the prelude of justice! what more could you ask for? a pony? sorry, fresh out.

scoutin' for some land, just another everyday duty in the life of a pirate.

remember how jamie tried wading out with her shorts on? this is how deep it got.

hee. i cannot look at this picture without giggling. it's rj! singing!

chanel, stranded on a log with no help in sight! oh no! someone save the cute helpless girl!

laughing on the prelude's roof. i'm going to miss summer so bad.

so we found this piece of wood with an eye in it, and it's really creepy. i mean really, really creepy. i wish we'd taken a picture of the actual wood, but here i am holding it.

and last! on the beach, spreading the love in mannish sunglasses and piggychins.

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