Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Frames are growing on me.

I had chili for dinner. It was lovely. All bean-y and meat-y and half cheese because that's how I like my chili. Two hours later and my stomach still hasn't quite forgiven me. It's not gurgling. It's not trying to claw its way out. It's not even making me all gassy (that's a lie.) No, it's more like all the cheese inside the chili somehow turned into cement, leaving this giant ball of chili to just hang out and slowly get harder and harder as the night goes by. It's like a chili baby. I was sitting in bed and realized that my stomach is more distended now, two hours later, than it was shortly after I consumed the whole thing.

Ohhh chili. You were lovely.

I think I'm getting a job soon. Yayyy money! With my very first paycheck I plan on going downtown and finding myself one kickass scooter with which I will scoot all over Bellingham.

I watched the last half of Amelie today. That movie is just as kickass as the last time I watched it.

10:36 pm: Read about a month's worth of old posts from Sniffing Glue. I miss those days, when there wasn't much difference between what went online and what went on paper.

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