Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jack and Jack on a summer day


That's right. My long-term buddy from Christian camp is back in town. He's got a condo, no bed, and a job that takes him out to sea a couple days a week. We only got to visit for about an hour. I suck like that. Planning too much in one day to accomplish (especially when I require 10+ hours of sleep to even function.) He's still rocking the shaggy hair, callused hands, and constant high that I remember. Aw, man, I love this kid so much. He disappeared for about 6 months and I figured he'd moved to Alaska or something.

Can you tell? I'm so excited I can't even put together normal sentences.


From Exit 230 on Interstate 5, near past Mount Vernon, go east on State Highway 20 (North Cascades Highway). Just beyond the little town of Hamilton, but before reaching Concrete, turn left on the Baker Lake Road. Follow that road to baker Lake Resort, about twenty miles. Turn Left on Forest Service Road No. 1144 (gravel and usually snow covered during the winter) which goes about three miles to a widened parking area. (It's by scenic outlook and you will come upon it by surprise.) The trail, only about a quarter of a mile long, begins from the west side of the parking area (opposite the view point). The trail is unmarked, but take the left route from the parking lot. You will soon find yourself on some planked walkway, assuring you that the hot springs is a short distance away.

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