Tuesday, October 10, 2006

La Belle et le Bad Boy

(from the CD: Cinquieme As: Fifth Ace)

Yeahhh, I've made a new mission for myself: Find above CD and LOVE IT. The song was playing in the coffeehouse about 10 minutes ago and I sat completely still, straining to hear every bit, trying to remember where I knew it from. And then I remembered. It's one of the main reasons I like to watch the Sex and the City series finale as often as I do. There's a scene where it flashed between Miranda running in the streets after New York and Carrie running in the streets of Paris. Above song is playing. I always make a mental note to myself to figure what the hell that song is because it is FANTASTIC, and then, true to my nature, I forget about it 5 minutes later.

Today I had this big plan where I was going to read my textbooks and do my homework and catch up on all that stuff I suck at doing while sitting on a laptop in the coffeehouse. I've got the laptop and coffeehouse thing down, as you can tell, but I'm failing miserably at the homework. Reason #1: cannot download macromedia flash something, which I need to even see my economics homework. Reason #2: Only have 2 hours with this baby, so reading Chapter 3 online before doing the accounting homework wouldn't work, I'd finish just in time to race to return the laptop. And Reason #3: they don't allow consecutive laptop rentals, so I figure I'm just going to sit here and enjoy it before I take it back. Then I'll camp out in the library and see what can be done.

By the way. My apologies for a ridiculously boring post. Sometimes I just have to sit and write and I just don't give a shit about entertaining whoever reads this anyway.

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