Monday, October 02, 2006

Here Come the Redcoats

Last couple days have been alternating between intolerable and fantastic. Today was better than Sunday, by far, so I'll focus on that instead.

Skip all the boring stuff until 3 pm. Showed up for the tennis club meeting and I was the only beginner in sight. They tolerated me as long as they could, and they tried hard to be excited, but man. There is no way a 19 year old girl who has never had any hand-eye coordination to speak of will ever be able to keep up with 20-something students who have been playing since junior high at least. I said I'd show up again tomorrow, but it's already looking doubtful.

So, walking home, decided to call Ben and see what he was up to. Seeing as he was just getting back from raquetball, our sports connection decided that we should hang out. I met his kickass friend named Sam, a super-blonde Ukrainian (think David Saunders) who lives on Lummi Island with his clan of relatives that steal cheap liquor from each other. Random quotes from the evening flew thick like wildfire, this guy is completely hilarious and had Ben and I in tears of laughter while we ate at Boundary Bay. (That's right! I finally went! And got myself a beautiful maroon sweatshirt to go with it. Just need one more beer-related piece of clothing, and I can leave Western with a clear conscience.)

Finally, came home and made a few phone calls. While this all may not sound super-exciting, it's added up to me = very happy. And tired.

It's a sad day when I decide to go to bed around 9 pm, but hey, that's how I roll.

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