Monday, December 25, 2006


Sooo here's a little update on the life and styles of Chelsea, rich but definitely not famous. Finished The House of the Spirits this evening, started Kafka on the Shore by Murakami. I might be up pretty late, despite a back-of-the-mind plan to test out my dad's new bowflex machine tomorrow morning.

Went to visit the present yet distant grandfather today. It may be a little sick, but we made a non-official bet that he wouldn't recognize anyone, not even Uncle Bill, who'd been visiting with him earlier in the day. "So Bill (grandpa and son have the same name), have Steve and Tammi visited you yet?" "No." "How about Al and Bill? Did they stop by?" "No." (And here was the real test.) "What about Lil? Have you seen her today?" "No." My mom was sitting across the table from him. So he's not very lucid, but Brent did catch him saying something like "You better look at your watch, Lil." It comes and goes. Maybe he'll remember us sometime next week.

Here's the exciting bit. Christmas Eve saw RJ and I driving around looking for Christmas lights. We're heading up 340th St (you know, that road that goes by Safeway and Jack in the Box) when some crazy oncoming Christmas drunk swerves out of her lane, across the turn lane, and straight into the driver's side door of RJ's truck. As soon as her car started, she took off, leaving only her entire front bumper and licence plate as a souvenier. I'm okay (plus some sore muscles), RJ's okay, the driver of the other car that got hit and all his kids are okay. The black woman that caused it all gets to pay all the damages and go to jail. So. I may not have gotten a new car for Christmas, but at least someone I know did.

I also still fit into my prom dress. Tomorrow Tom and I are getting together, dressing up in our old prom digs, and doing some afternoon wine tasting. If you look past the shouting match I sat in the middle of this evening, this visit's shaping out to be pretty neat.

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