Saturday, December 23, 2006

Personal Note #2

Lagaan was excellent. I've been putting off watching it for a while because I thought it would be dumb. Instead, it was intense. Three and a half hours went by without me even noticing. I got intense chills and goosebumps during the rain song, and haven't been so interested in sports since... well, never. I think it's the first Bollywood I've seen that didn't have a cringe-worthy sappy scene. So Chelsea. Search ebay when the drugs wear off and the checks are in the bank.

Also, went shopping at H-Mart with Tom today. I only wish Bellingham had something to compare to it. Endless rows of rice cookers, piles upon piles of asian cookware and decorated dishes. An entire aisle of noodles. Six or more different kinds of Pocky. Too many asian candies to count. And I didn't even try to explore the other aisles, my limp didn't want me to. I'm going back there before I leave Fedway, if only to buy some more dishes for la casa verde, and maybe a few fancy teacups.

Tom was also fantastic. We linked arms and limped all over Fedtown together. He got me some crazy deal at Al's Music because, well, smokers make friends wherever they go. We wrapped Christmas presents and listened to Christmas music, and the 3-foot long pipe he bought at H-Mart really does work. (He was adorable, sticking his head in the sliding door with soot smudged on his face. "Chelsea! It works! And the paint's not melting off, either!")

Ramble ramble ramble... I'm terribly sorry for anyone who's still reading this. It's keeps me occupied while I wait for the drugs to kick in and I won't feel my foot anymore. (They've clouded my mind pretty well but! the throbbing is still there!) I should have brought my paper journal home with me, to spare y'all this drivel.

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