Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"yeh dil huwa fanah"

After deciding to dedicate today solely to the pursuit of Financial Accounting, I promptly set about procrastinating. When neighbor AJ got out of class, it didn't take long before we decided to check out East/West Fashion, a 3-month old store with all sorts of Indian fashions. I got myself a sari, a few bangles, earrings, and a nose ring for the upcoming Bollywood dance competition. The lady running the store was absolutely wonderful - she practiced her henna skillz on AJ and I while we chatted about our dance-off (she might come just to see) and where to buy Bollywood videos in Canada. Naturally, the love for henna spread quickly, and AJ and I ended up on her floor watching Humko Deewana Kar Gaye while decorating our feet. And after? Oh, you'll love this. We busted out a Bollywood Dance Workout video to get prepped for Saturday's exhibition.

Folks, mark your calendars for Saturday. It's not an evening to miss. BYOB, dancing shoes, and prepare to watch us make fools of ourselves.

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