Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the first set of sailing pictures!

kingsley zissou. he even had a cap gun!

this was the whole team, all dressed up for the occasion.

friday night, sharing stories on the porch.

sunday afternoon, all decked out in sailing gear! our models are andrew, matt, and alex.

oh randy.

janna is my lovely skipper.

jake and his orange hat.

it's kramer guys! you know, from seinfeld?? yeah, yeah!!

our carpool, minus sam and jon. we are hardcore cool, man.

so the story goes like this. i go out onto the porch, and janna starts wondering who smells really really good. is it jake? hmm, no. alex? nope. turns out it was my hair. yay for awesome conditioner!
this was the cool band making their way up to vancouver, bc. the kid on the far right is wearing a real rabbit fur hat. i loved that hat passionately and wholeheartedly for the whole... minute? that i got to play with it.

those are cherl's shoes. come on. how amazing can she get?

ashley and florian!

so i have no idea who the girl in spandex is, or what she was dressed as, but she had the greatest costume by far.

ashley and cherl!

alex, andrew, and kyle.

alex is singing cher. "do you believe in love after love?"

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mathpoet said...

So the only way i can actually see leaving a coherent message is by leaving a comment in reference to every picture. To do this appropriately let's name them A, B, C,... so on, with the first pic being A.

A.) Zissou is indeed interesting, although I'm not convinced that's what the photographer was taking a picture of. Nice Editing, btw.

B.)What a Motley Crew.

C.) Fast Food Nation

D.)One of those little moments...

E.)Lovely models.

F.) Call me a moron, but what's he supposed to be?

G.) That's quite a talented crew.

H.) Keg Cup. w00t

I.) Looks like he went to the same school of dance as me.

J.) Fancy that. You by yourself with a book of some sort.

K.) ... Where's your right arm? By the expression on your face...

L.) Dude, i love this guy's fashion sense.

M.) Maturity is a trait not lost among WWU sailors.

N.)Orange is a good color. For this, I like jake.

O.) So that's the sculpture you were talking about... interesting. Did they light them at Burning Man?

P.) It's a good Kramer costume... 2 suggestions: Bigger hair, and less matching outfit.

Q.) Not much to say. You're trying really hard to smile... or not pee yourself.. can't really tell.

R.) Nice ratted hair. hah.

S.) Hardcore cool w/ keg cups.

T.) Alex is really sniffing your hair isn't he? I'm not convinced jake is. But.. wow. Alex is really convincing if he isn't.

U.) Was that the kid's talent? Having a rabbit fur hat? I don't see any instrument in his hands...

V.) Those are indeed neato shoes. If only they'd catch on in pop fashion...

W.) that's awesome hair. I wish i had hair that looked like that when i wasn't jumping up and down.

X.) It takes a LOT of courage to wear that much spandex in public. Wow.

Y.) rawr

Z.) I think it speaks for itself.

alpha.) (cuz i ran out of english letters) I hope his looks in the pic match the quality of his singing.

There's a comment for your pictures.