Sunday, November 13, 2005

move to italy - top of the list!

i haven't seen my suitemates since thursday morning. and even that's questionable. i'm not sure if i actually saw them thursday morning or wednesday morning.
Now, as many of you may have heard (basically anyone who's talked to me at all since Thursday), I donated plasma while fighting off a cold. I know, not one of the brightest decisions I've ever made. But sometimes I get these urges to take reckless chances that will probably end up hurting me in the end. Usually they involve jumping off of something, donating plasma while sick, or not eating for three days straight. They don't really serve any purpose, just a way for me to get out of a rut. This experiment left me sleeping by 5 pm, off and on all night. The only time I spent awake, well, I wrote about that last time. When I saw Frans. The wine made me sick around 3 am, so I sat shivering in my bathroom emptying my body of all its contents. Which wasn't much, but it sucked pretty bad.
The natural conclusion was that Friday would be spent on the couch. When Jessica saw me huddled under all seven of my blankets, watching Life is Beautiful, she laughed. For five minutes straight. And when she was done, she sat down on the couch with me and cried over the movie.
Ahhh I'm losing interest in this post already! I need to make my bed before I can sleep in it. So now come the bare minimum details. RJ came over Friday evening, we spent the night drinking over at Matt's place. Elaina and I were pretentious snobs with a bottle of white wine (RJ would've disowned me if I didn't give wine another chance.) We watched Shaun of the Dead and stumbled back to my dorm room, and slept. Breakfast at Denny's, which was amazing, and I got to drive RJ's truck! (I miss driving so much. I'm going to Centralia over Thanksgiving, and I'm taking the Blazer to do it.) After RJ left, I camped out on my couch for the rest of the day and proceeded to watch: Emma, The Shipping News, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Heiress, and Under the Tuscan Sun. And yes, I was wrapped up in my seven blankets the whole time. Aw, don't worry, I wasn't completely by myself. Ryan watched 3 movies with me, and Julie watched 2. We were the cool kids.

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