Sunday, November 20, 2005

james is pretty in eyeliner

last night, loves, made up for over a week of disappointments. a large crew of boys from long beach came up to get faded at michael kimbrough's. what can be said? they have strange back-woods rules for king's cup, but that's okay. james was showing off his emo flag. nick and i controlled the couch with our slouching. elaina and scott didn't speak most of the night, from what i saw. matt bonney called me his teddy bear, and we hugged many many times. elaina had to tell him to stop crowding her cousin. ryan told work stories, joey inspired a mcdonald's run. whitey and i talked loudly and belligerently about donating plasma. we all sat down for a nap around 5 am, and i walked the half mile or so home around 6. my day started at 2:30, 4 hours after my mom called and asked about my thanksgiving plans.

and do you know? the day since has been lovely! nick and i are both really excited - we made friends with someone on our floor! we ate dinner in the backroom of fairhaven, and had ice cream sundaes on plates. jessica joined us and we baked a cake (it's MY chicken!) and played irresponsible games of bombchu bowling. and loves, please. don't forget the laugh track for family guy. some kid i've never seen before walking into our dorm and watched for 3 minutes or so, then walked away with a "everyone on the floor is watching this. thanks for letting me join!"

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