Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One Day at Western

Washington inside a fist. Hubcaps. Snowmen. Piano music at 1 am. Iron Chef friends. Text messages from lovers. Family Guy. Nachos with extra sour cream. Suckerpunching/pile driving. Mario Party, $5 on Ebay. Tennis, both Mario version and murder raquet. Studying for the skipped class. Moral duties against math. Two coats, three sweatshirts, a water bottle, Sylvia Plath, washcloth, hairbrush, textbook, coffee mug, 2 throw blankets, slippers, and a pair of earrings (somewhere) all to be removed from the bed before bed. $30 women's gloves that only fit a man's hands. Strep throat. Larrabee State Park drawn with an imaginary pen. Layers on layers on layers. Movie nights that never happen. Lights across the street. More snow. Snow balls that don't miss. Sandals in the slush. Bounding deer. Black coffee dregs and dehydration. Snood tournaments. Big plans for next quarter!

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