Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At Brent's

Vince's girlfriend made chocolate pie. Four people discovered it. Every single one went "Chocolate pie!!!"

Bike Bike Bike. That's all I think about all day long. When can I go on a bike ride? Started to watch The Constant Gardener last night while riding the trainer, lasted about half an hour before the whole stationary-bike thing started to bother me. But get this: Kimchi ran on his wheel while I rode the bike, and he'd stop and look around whenever I stopped.

So here's an exciting little story. I'm sitting in accounting when I get a text message from a number I've never seen before, from an area code I've never heard of. All it says is: Chelsea. Hmm, I wonder to myself. Who could this be? "This is Frans if you remember me." So I start hyperventilating a little bit. Frans Jensen, that boy from fall quarter freshman year whose room I used to live in, whose Lion King video game I used to play constantly, who used to take Jaeger shots and drink Red Bull with me almost every night, who played the fiddle and I was basically an idiot for not being in love with. After he disappeared mid-winter quarter, I never knew what happened to him again. He was a bit like John Books (who actually showed up at the Red House party on Friday. The mystery of John has been solved.) only I was more anxious about him, because news was literally silent.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend from accounting, and didn't really feel like freaking out in front of her. So I waited until our conversation would be done and I could call Frans with all the proper excitement he deserves. Then I got this message: "I went to school with you last year, was roommates with mar in buchanan towers." Oh, it was adorable. I turned to Christine, said an immediate Adios, and called the silly fucker to tell him how much I adore him.

The story goes he went back to Minnesota, got back together with his old girlfriend, moved to Montana to be a cook at a ski resort, broke up with the old girlfriend, and is thinking about moving back to Washington. I invited him to move in with me. It was a short conversation, I had to move on to my next class, but I'm going to call him again soon and gush and gossip and basically just take in every bit of Frans that I've been wishing to experience for the last year.

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