Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't Stop Y'all

So today I had a Spanish test that I wasn't prepared for, followed shortly by an economics test that I wasn't prepared for. But I think I aced them both, so no worries. I celebrated my genius by going on a nice, crazy long bike ride out to the mall. Murder by automatic vehicle was the goal, but I came out with a nice jacket for next weekend's wedding, too. The ride home was death-defying. Stinging sideways hail that got right into my eyes when I needed to see cars the most, out on Meridian. The ride was simply exhilarating, mostly because I was a quivering mass of jell-o moving super-fast on an aluminum frame not 2 feet away from big hulking masses of metal (that moved faster than me.) Oh, then there was the bright idea to go outside in the same outfit I wore in the morning. Here's a tip for next time you're in my situation: overcast weather clothes do not suffice in the face of snow! So the walks to and from campus were miserable, but I made it through. I had music.

And after all of this, I come home to the smell of fresh-baked cupcakes. My roommate is awesome. Baking skills are now a requirement for all future roommates.

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justin said...

You are soo hardcore, I can't believe that you were riding in that weather for fun. Congrats on the jacket, I hope you enjoy the wedding. You should stop by more often.