Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gross, Chelsea

There's no way I can go to the UW next year. First, they couldn't possibly consider accepting me. Second, if they did, I couldn't go because I'd know the entire institution is corrupt for accepting a person like me.

I am officially the stupidest person alive. Not only did I manage to drop my brand new camera in the ocean yesterday, but just now, I found my mp3 player. You know, the one that was stolen back in January? Guess what. It wasn't stolen.

It was lost in all those blankets on my bed.

I was putting the shelves at the base of my bed back into position since these last few days have been rough on my bedding arrangement. When you sleep 10+ hours a day, your bed gets thrashed. All 8+ blankets are piled in the corner near the wall, while the mattress itself has moved about 5 inches from said wall. And amidst all of this destruction, I found my mp3 player nestled calmly under my Target blanket at the end of the mattress.

So today, I'm going to clean my room.

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