Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Best Afternoon in Ages

After doing the one important task I had to do today, I settled onto my bed, determined to catch up on the accounting I've been ignoring these last two weeks. It would be nice if I could do the work and get started on studying for the final, but this laptop. It's possibly the greatest or worst idea my dad ever had. Everything is far more convenient (sitting at a desk in front of a computer is always so hard. It's lacking a certain horizontal angle that I require from everything I do.) There are also just enough bugs to keep me working at it, trying to fix things.

Speaking of which, anyone know why I wouldn't be able to access certain files on my external hard drive? Maybe it's just a Maxxtor issue that I should have expected when I bought the brand, but I'm hoping it's something I can fix. There are some very important mp3's that I can't put into iTunes or delete and re-download.

Basically, since 5, I've been sitting here playing on the laptop. I downloaded Amar Es Combatir by ManĂ¡... Adding spanish alterna-rock to this day just made me even less motivated to put the computer down. Then I found the Timbuk2 website, which I've been meaning to look up ever since I got my bicycle. Oh God. I want this so bad. I was going to use my paycheck to pay off my credit card debt, but I think it can wait. I was going to use the $500 refund to pad up my savings account, but maybe I can use that for the credit card debt instead. I was going to use next quarter's room and board for room and board, but maybe I'll put half in savings and live as a underfed, overworked, sleep-deprived, inattentive college student with a flashy bike, secondhand laptop, and stylish messenger bag.

On that note, next quarter is looking good. I got all the classes I wanted, I might be working some more hours at the pool (January/February's hours were insane, but 10 hours a week leaves me with too much free time), and the bike riding will get kicked up a notch with the warming weather and approaching BRAG. It doesn't look like I'll have much down time, which is actually what I'm aiming for. Too much downtime leads to worrying about boys, and I'd like to take a quarter off from that. Grow up a little, maybe, and learn to relax in my own skin.

Which reminds me of one last thing. Reading the Fountainhead is making me feel guilty about not having a stronger personality. I find myself wondering, what should I be doing that would accurately reflect the kind of one-minded selfishness that Ayn Rand says would save the world? And then I realize that Ayn Rand would be terribly angry with me for trying to do a kind of work that she would be proud of, since the whole point is to NOT work for someone else's approval. And so, I've reached the depth of my being. It appears that the thing I really want to do in life, against everyone else's opinions, is to loaf around, wasting time.

Tomorrow I'm go swimming between classes.

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