Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Oh God I am terrible at this studying thing. Absolutely horrible. I don't think I've had a decent studying ability since last winter when I tried to kill myself over calculus, and even then I dropped out of one of my classes after a month.

Here is an example of what it's like when I try to read my textbook:

"In October, Tree Top's first month of operation, the company was able to sell every mailbox produced. By the end of October, they had made and sold 300 mailboxes" (Hmm, well that means they should step up production. There's a demand for new mailboxes in the area. But wait. What if they use up the market demand for new mailboxes? People don't just go out and buy a new mailbox every few months. They'd have to expand their market. Or find a way to get people to buy more than one. Ooh, they could go around a put firecrackers in mailboxes. Vandalism is fun. Like that one movie, what was it? Where the kids blew up a mailbox and killed a woman and her baby. Ohh, what was that movie? Then somehow they went back in time and the evil kid somehow became a hero by pushing the lady out of the way... Butterfly Effect, that was it! With Ashton Kutcher. But wait, that kid really was bad. Ashton Kutcher was supposed to be the hero. How did that other kid get the glory?) And so this thought process goes on for a few more lines, trying to figure out the plot of the movie, until I bring myself back to focus on the next page of the textbook (yeah, I was "reading" the whole time) to this: "In addition to the amount of direct material used, the price per measure of direct material will affect the total cost of direct material. The direct material price standard is the anticipated cost for each item of direct material used in the manufacture of a product."

About 20 minutes later I was napping. And I never want to hear the phrase "direct material" ever again.

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