Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Birthday!

To Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 100 Years of Solitude is still the most beautiful book ever written. I'd read it again in honor of his birthday, except Tobias still hasn't given it back. I probably won't see it again until summer, if at all. Anyway, I have a sparked interest in Chronicles of a Death Foretold, but if I can't finish The General in his Labyrinth, I really shouldn't start a second Marquez book.

Plans for Georgia are complete. Irene's dad has an excellent sense of humor that comes through even in his emailed itinerary lists. I forwarded the email to my mom so she'd know what we'd be up to down south, and she called me up laughing on the phone shortly after. My mother is a very serious woman. She doesn't make phone calls to laugh about something. Congrats, Mr. Willis. This is looking to be an excellent summer.

Umm, my professor is being oddly amusing today. Usually he drives me to such great lengths of boredom that I read straight through the lecture, beginning to end. Today I borrowed a laptop to keep me amused, but he's doing a well enough job himself. He had a huge spreadsheet with the very last example being at $0.02. "Why did I have to go all the way to the thirtieth person? Well, I figured I let him throw in his two cents' worth." Pause. Stunned silence from the class. Later, "Now you see why Math 102 or whatever was a prerequisite for this class. You all know about slopes or else you wouldn't even be here." In a lower tone of voice, mostly talking to himself. "If I had my way you wouldn't even be at Western." ....Okay, I guess that second example wasn't that funny. But coming from this guy? It's pure comic genius compared to his usual lecture style.

Now he made a "the buck stops here" joke. About money. Arrrgh.

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