Monday, March 12, 2007

Stomach Cramps

There are times when it is extremely necessary to cram into a car and go driving for coffee. These times include, but are not limited to: 1 am procrastination breaks, when an excuse to not return home is needed, Monday afternoons, when it is snowing, before class (some sort of breakfast food is usually included at this time), after class, and any time a location selling coffee is open.

Today's excuses were: Monday afternoon, unvisited coffee shop, and a desire to play catch-up with friends.

Also, my stomach is all cramped up because I made nachos for lunch. These nachos included white rice (which I started cooking before deciding to go with nachos instead) and 4 month old salsa. Not the best meal ever.

7:00 Update

Happiness is driving your roommate's truck to Fred Meyer for eclaires, but instead seeing the most beautiful Bellingham sunset ever. It's laying on your stomach, listening to The Velvet Underground CD your brother bought for you when you were seventeen, smelling the spicy jumbalaya feast being cooked downstairs.

11:00 Update

It's also being stuffed full of jumbalaya and Fat Tire, recovering from a three hour attempt to make Irene look good in front of the boy she invited.

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