Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Biking as usual

This afternoon was one of the lovelier Bellingham days. Much like Sunday, except I didn't have to work. The lovely factor goes up quite a bit when I'm able to enjoy it.
All sorts of fantastic things happened. Remember when I used to really, truly love car rides? Remember how just a few days ago I was really jonesing for a car? (Honestly, that's every day, but I try not to write about it too often.) Well that craving has been completely and utterly satisfied (for now). Seth and I sat together in the bed of Irene's truck while we hauled masses of bikes all over town. The sun shone, the wind whipped our hair, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the scenery go by.
The biking bit itself was glorious, only a little bit of a letdown at the end. We took on several hills in different neighborhoods before deciding on heading out on Chuckanut. We made it out to Larrabee before Irene's smoker lungs gave out, so we sat on the grass and waited for our truck ride home. Ten miles, all told. Not as much as we should be doing to prep for Georgia, but excellent considering that weather and sickness has kept me off the roads off and on all Winter Quarter. If the weather plans on being pretty like this more often, that bike is going to have many, many more kilometers added to the odometer (115 right now - that's unfortunately only 66 miles - about one day's worth of BRAG.)
Um, actually I'm pretty tuckered out right now. Big plans for Spring Break include: biking, camping, drinking. In that order.

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