Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How to Enjoy a Bad Day

Yesterday and today I had the wonderful pleasure of dealing with Grade A Asshole business profs. I had to drop a class this afternoon due to complete ass-hattery going on in the Management department. Thank God UW isn't a huge concern anymore - this has officially fucked all my chances of UW Business School Fall'07. Twelve credits to look forward to all quarter. I'm either going to join the Western Cycling team or take up knitting again.
Fortunately, angry vase-smashing disaster behavior was averted with surprising ease.
1) Bandito's Burrito followed by Mallard's sundae.
2) Twenty foot tall bush fire, eyewitnessed.
3) Visually pleasing, high-strung political kung fu movie. Ridiculous logistic errors (just where do they store all those flowers?), spider-like ninja assassins, and the fail-safe "I just fucked my sister" look.
4) Chain smoking on the porch with Nick
5) Next Red House Party marked on the calendar
Oh, and my parents are coming to visit on Saturday, and bringing the replacement camera with them. Spring's looking good, even if it's already veering completely off the course I expected it to take.

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