Friday, April 20, 2007

Mayo = Not Okay Anymore

Well, I missed the deadline for an accurate date (because really, who ever looks at the time stamp?)

Anger-causing subject of the day:
People Who Throw Things at Bikers

You may recall the incident of Wine Party #2, in which an empty soda bottle was thrown at me. That night had some redeeming qualities and the super-pissed and hateful feelings were set on the back burner.
Tonight I got hit with an egg. Two blocks from my house. By, surprise surprise, boys in a truck. So from now on, all you Bellingham boys with trucks (or even friends with trucks, since it was the fucker in the passenger side that threw it) are on my shit list.
I'm not sure which is more entertaining. Imagining new and creative ways to force the egg-throwers to grovel before me for forgiveness, or running with the idea of them developing such a guilty conscience later in life that they can neither look at bikers nor eat eggs ever again.

But on a slightly more positive note, earlier this evening I got a call from long-time friend Ryan Burrel, who likes to pop in and out of life every year or two. Our conversation only lasted 20 minutes, but I laughed more during that time than I have since I came down with strep on Monday. He's coming for a visit next Thursday, for which I am stoked.

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