Sunday, April 01, 2007

it seems like i've never been to the san juans

Two hours after work, and still the only thoughts going through my head are smashing grinding metal sounds. Why? Why are people so goddamn stupid sometimes?
I was holding up pretty well. Then my coworker started complaining, which naturally leads to the drag-down. The sun had been taunting me through the thick glass windows all day (you know, when it wasn't hailing). The children were screaming. The stupid fucking teenagers were trying to wear baby life jackets. Arrgh. That one kid. I had to instruct him movement-by-movement: come here. stand up. climb out of the water. put your arms straight up. hold still. put your arms back up. He was fifteen! How hard is it to just own up and take off the life jacket?!
Smash. Grind. Squeal. I wish I could operate some kind of construction vehicle right now. Destroy a few buildings, dig a few holes, really let this frustration vent.
I really like lifeguarding. I like the friendly old folks and the cute kids and even the Russians who sit in the hot tub and argue. In Russian. But I do not like it when I start to doubt the public's ability to not be stupid.
So here I am, cranky and angry and bone-tired, about ready to fall asleep. Except I'm listening to Minus the Bear and kind of feel like making plans to ferry out to the San Juans tomorrow.

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