Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If Britney can, I can

Oh Tuesday
Laundry Day
Waiting for the Mail Day
Day of Too Many Cigarettes
Bad Hair Day
Fancy Shoes Day
Running Day
Tuesday, I think we need to talk about what you mean to me. You're simply too long and empty for this relationship to keep working.
If I had a car, I'd drive to Canada. Or Seattle. Most likely Federal Way, where I could kidnap a dearly missed friend and drink coffee until the sun goes down.
If I were just a bit less optimistic about what this day might bring, I'd go to Hollywood Video, rent 3 select movies, and give up the day to sprawling on the couch.
Instead, I'm going to go beg Irene to take me to Goodwill.

Oh, and the Britney title is in reference to her new, hot, rockin' bod. Have you seen the pictures? Tasty. My morning runs better get me the same results, or I'm going to be angry.

10:20 update

By the way, Tuesday, I also don't appreciate you toying with my hormones. Yes, boys with well-grown facial hair are exceptionally attractive. I don't need your constant reminders.

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justin said...

wow, haven't read your blog in a while, but bummer about the wrist, and the strep. My friend Rob's mom is in the hospital and almost died from her case of it.