Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Too much sun? Never!

An 8 am run around the neighborhood followed by 20 minutes of good ab crunching should be the key to a healthy and well-lived day. I got the well-lived part down pat, but healthy? Not at all. Instead I devoured whatever food was placed in front of me (which I guess makes up for yesterday's one lonely meal). I even trekked halfway across campus for a pint of ice cream. If that all wasn't enough, it was a Porch Night, and I made it through about 5 cigarettes in an hour. It's been decided that Nick and I will be chain smokers by this time next year. Unless we can find something else to be friends over. Maybe video games.
Good news to everyone! (Or maybe bad news to all but me.) New camera has arrived! It's attached to my wrist and never leaving again. Picture opportunities abound at every moment.

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