Saturday, September 22, 2007

I don't work tomorrow!

Tonight I watched Lindsay Lohan's shitshow of a movie, Georgia Rule. The other kids got to drink every time she made their heads hurt, but I didn't. Stupid meds. By the end of the two hour movie I'd had a low and constant ache in the back of my skull for one hour and forty-five minutes. The current theory is they let LL run around and do her crazy psycho thing with the other actors, filmed it, and hoped for a plot. Oh, and told everyone to call her by a different name to make her even more unstable.

Listening to Ryan Adams tonight. I downloaded his music, oh, a year ago? And then never listened to the cd until tonight. "Come Pick Me Up" is an amazing track. Here are some choice lyrics: "Take me out. Fuck me up. Steal my records. Screw all my friends, They're all full of shit." Nothing extremely deep, but boy, that harmonica in the background really wails. (Does Ryan Adams play his own harmonica? I don't know, nor am I too concerned about it.) I really do love that Emmy Lou Harris is a female vocal on a bunch of the tracks.


Have I mentioned that I've unintentionally been listening to country lately? I stole some of my dad's old cds and stuck them on my laptop. Van Morrison, Beatles, Bob Dylan, all the greats that I grew up on and didn't appreciate. And then there were a bunch of Emmy Lou Harris cds that I didn't recognize, but decided to give them a shot. That woman broke my heart in two songs.

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