Monday, September 10, 2007

Update from Fedtown

Roll out of bed around 7 am to be sick. Go back to sleep. Get up fo' reals when landlord comes in to fix the dishwasher. Sick again. Get on the phone and call some local doctors. None are taking new patients. Call up mom. Says I should come home and see the usual doctor. I agree. Take a shower, sick again. Stop at the McDonald's in Marysville to be sick. Get home. Sick again. Will be going to talk to someone with extensive medical knowledge and hopefully an instant cure in an hour.

On a plus note, the too-small brown corduroys I left at the apartment 2 months ago fit again.

I really don't mind having an intestinal bug that makes me shed pounds at an alarming rate. What I do mind is that I can't go on bike rides, walks, hikes, or any sort of out-of-house excursion without being sure that I can find some privacy at a moment's notice.

Totally unrelated topic. I went to the Metropolitan Market just a little bit ago, looking for some natural cane sugar soda (Brent got me interested.) One - Jones Soda is making cane sugar soda now, which I imagine is excellent except they didn't have any of the flavors I typically like. But, I found this stuff called GuS - Grown-Up Soda. It's very lightly flavored (lightly carbonated, too, so it doesn't make me all burpy). The flavors are pretty interesting too - I've had the cranberry lime so far, and bought a few other flavors because they were on sale. I've already looked online, and the soda's only sold in Metropolitan Markets in Washington. So boo, Community Co-op. You'd better have some damn good organic drinks to make up for your lack of carrying GuS.

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