Monday, September 10, 2007

What a Waste

I was feeling especially lackluster around 5 this evening when I called up an old friend. My pre-phone call plan was to entice him over with Pabst, then keep him over for as long as humanly possible because oh, God, I cannot stand this empty apartment much longer. Unfortunately his cousin was having a BBQ this evening and (how lame is this?) I just couldn't coax myself into the biking mood. So I cracked a few Kokanees by myself and started a game of Zelda. I got up to the boss of the second forest temple when I realized, shit, I've wasted the whole night drinking beer and playing video games by myself! Tomorrow I'll have to go to the mall so I can feel feminine again.

I might also have to set up an Internet account, because hacking neighbor's unsecure wireless is mean. And unreliable.

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