Wednesday, January 26, 2005

311 - love song

dream one:

down by the water, i meet a man. he's sweaty and gross and attentive. i'm a bitch. he's sad that i'm mean to him, but when he leaves i follow him and apologize. he takes a shower and we're good. i go with him to a sporting goods store where he and a friend skateboard around, laughing and cracking jokes. however, no one touches the handrails. they're not allowed to. to be rebellious, i grab the rails and swing-jump down a ramp.
an employee comes over and starts yelling - i yell back. finally, i get to see the manager - it's johnny depp! beautiful. but gay. i'm yelling at him to listen at me, he's freaking out that i defied him and touched his railings. finally i scream at him, "why the hell am i not allowed to touch them?!" and he yells back, equally frustrated, "because i just cleaned them! do you have any idea how dirty they were?!" and we start laughing. instant friendship.
so don't ask me why, but we start running through the back rooms. there are endless stairs, dark and dusty rooms. we get to one room where the pathway opens only if we run right at it. johnny keeps expecting us to come to one that won't open. he's saying we should go back, we're at a dead end. i keep going. we finally come to one that has a little sunlight behind it. i run at it and fall, and the floor is cushioned. the door opens and it's a window, looking out over the entire city from an endless height. i watch as a group of teachers herds their kindergarten students along the street. kenny's with them, and i yell down at him. he looks up and sees johnny, but calls him liz. ellie appears next to me and he says something to ellie, too. then one of his kids gets hit by a car (no gore. just a distraction.) johnny grabs me and we run fast-forward back down the stairs and through the rooms, getting even dustier but not caring.

dream two:

involves school, classes, people i know from school. liz is running around a lot. it's actually scary how many people were in this dream - usually my dreams have unknown people, or one key figure.
it also is at work. a little girl named rosie that i taught wants my picture - she's a little older, i'm surprised she remembers me. same day, i go over to a woman's house for cookies. it's a very structured relationship. we talk about "safe" things, all very traditional and old-fashioned. neither of us knows the other's personality. she breaks our unspoken code and asks if any of the instructors teach under the influence. i adamantly swear that none of them are stupid enough to do that. but when i get back out, chanel's running around all crazy like, john's tired and cranky, and for some odd reason louis is teaching, too. none of them are on drugs, it just seemed coincidental.

dream three:

i'm in prison. tuey's with me. all our belongings are taken away, except for a few quota items. i use up my entire personal allowance to keep my grandma's ruby bracelet. so we're being forced to do workout things. and i'm angry. i seem to be angry and violent in my dreams. tuey and i realize we can do pull-ups, so we do those. we're convinced that we'll get stronger, use our time in prison to shape up and become rock-hard muscle fiends. the instructor seems insulted that we're not panicking, so she shows us this one trick where you hold yourself up, then pop an arm off. but it's a trick - she's using her feet for support. she shows the rest of us how to do it, but no one can. i try, and as i'm doing so my bracelet gets caught on the pull-up bar. she takes it from me (bitch!) and i try harder. i do it! and she's happy for me - she gives me back the bracelet. i feel accomplished, while tuey says she would hang out, but she's got that sailing thing she joined a few days ago.

anyway, there's a lot of symbolism in all of these, i think. mostly in liz and ellie being on either side of me. they're the same person, but different. the liz was nice and giggly, the ellie was smoking and unhinged but had a firmer grip on reality.)

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