Monday, January 17, 2005

incubus - megalomania

last night i dreamt of burning man.

it wasn't anything special, just some guy walking around, handing out t-shirts with a bull on them, giving them to the weirdest people i've ever imagined.

before that i dreamed i'd accidentally walked into my neighbor's house, and they had all this spy equipment pointed at my dad's computer. make's sense. he's got this deap-seated fear that someone is out to "destroy our network." and i've always had this weird obsession with my neighbors, bordering between extreme envy and hate. rich white trash.

it's 8:00. i woke up 15 minutes ago because my ears were bugging me (they're getting infected. no surprise there. why can't i pierce my ears without something going wrong?) my alarm just went off, which means i get to take a shower now and head up to redmond! william and david are taking me to see a chick flick. funny thing is, it's their idea. i've never even heard of In Good Company.

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