Thursday, January 20, 2005

the good life - lovers need lawyers

so, up at david's on monday, he showed me this awesome cd by the good life, album of the year. it's 12 songs about a guy's 12-month relationship with a girl. a song for each month.

"I swear to speak the whole truth, nothing but the truth – oh, so help me God, I wasn’t cheating on you. Yeah I’ve got a spotty record, but I’ve been renewed. If you can’t believe me – then what’s to believe? Once you lose the trust you lose sincerity. I’m sick and tired of acting sincere to your accusing eyes and ears.

Yeah, I was drinking. Yeah, she was drinking too, and, yeah, we made a connection – we came from the same neighborhood. But, surely you can’t charge me for that, that’s merely fact –merely coincidence. So, there we were, outlasting the last call. We took a cab to Iowa for more alcohol.

Yeah, we crossed the river alone; I also went home alone. "

so today.. total bust. (after school. work always perks up my day, tho.) ellie and i were supposed to hang out with this 14-year old, to perpetuate the system and all that. he never showed up tho, so we ended up sitting in my buick in the rain eating doughnuts... eating our emotions, as the saying goes.

a girl puked into a garbage can at OSC today. i've been having another one of those continual conversations with several people - puking, guys in skirts. guys in skirts are hot. i had a dream about them when i took a nap before work.

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