Tuesday, January 18, 2005

soul coughing - janine

my day in black and white (so far):

bad: waking up. it hurt. 5 hours' sleep will never be enough for school.
good: it was a van day!
good: OSC. talking to vinnie while chopping onions, picking food chunks out of the deep fat fryer
good: putting my earrings back in. i won't give up!
bad: slipping in the mud
good: laughing about it
good: jeff-bashing with tuey and arisha
good: spending third lunch walking with liz, looking for my triangle
bad: not finding my triangle
good: talking to kenny and dj and the rest of the boys at lunch, not feeling weird about it
bad: ellie later telling me i seemed borderline-hysterical
bad: almost-panic attack in english. reminder: three excedrin is never good, my body can't handle the caffeine, even if my headache really is that bad. don't do it!
bad: finding out just how behind i am in english
good: coming out to the parking lot, finding that ellie made a triangle for me and taped it to my windshield!
good: at the library, a little boy was hanging upside down from the bike rack. his eyes never left me, even when i looked away to laugh and turned back to check.
good: talking to ian. yes, there are decent people in the world! not many in high school, but people like ian give me hope.
bad: i'm hungry now.
bad: i have to work tonight.
good: i just got an informational email about western's english department! (haven't read it yet, that's why i'm still excited)

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