Wednesday, March 02, 2005

coheed and cambria - neverender

i figured out how to fix my fridge!!! the whole padlock thing wasn't working, complications with the glue and the shape of the piece i was trying to attach.. i won't bore you... but basically i attacked the giant clump of ice with my hair dryer. i'll leave the lock to dry over the weekend now that the door shuts, and voila! super-defensive fridge!

okay, so you might know what my dad looks like. he's pretty much been that way my whole life. but digging around in the fire-proof box today, i found his old passport and.. well.. i'm shocked. when i get back on saturday, i'll hunt it down and scan his picture for you all. he looks shockingly... normal. young and handsome. i've never seen any pictures of him like that - all the ones i've seen jump from toddler-dad to bald-dad. actual proof that he used to be a gangly teenager makes me look at him in a completely new perspective. as well as fear what i'll look like when i'm older, if such a drastic change can happen in only a few years.

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