Saturday, March 26, 2005

dispatch - bats in the belfry

i have a crazy idiosyncrasy
it's affinity to serendipity
and in this eternal epiphany
no hypocracy or duplicity

turns out, crisco goes bad after a year. and if you cook with 5 year old crisco... it doesn't smell too good. don't worry, i've got the fan running and a few windows open.

after spending the day with my mom, it broke my heart to see her crying alone in the dark. i left for maybe 30 minutes to buy some apples.. and somehow my dad and brothers managed to treat her like shit without even realizing it. my mom.. i'm protective of her. she's fragile, even if she doesn't seem like it. she can be a raging bitch when she wants to be. but she's never lived on her own. (ever.) she was sheltered her whole life. she thinks there's only one way to be safe and happy. (when i say "stop thinking everyone wants to rape you," she's the one who inspired me.) i just don't think she'll be able to take care of herself. i always want to go in and fix all her problems for her. i wanted to kick my dad for making her cry. he didn't even know she was upset. and when i told him, he said "what, did she get her hair cut and i didn't notice? is that it?" ass.

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