Monday, March 21, 2005

dispatch - two coins

i stick loneliness
your lips
and the two coins of your eyes
into my pocket, yeah.

rahhhh! bitches, my brother is back!! total extreme awesomeness all day, just because i knew he was at home. so great mood, naturally. heck, even the other day when i went to pick him up. he had a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, but i still ran up and gave him a great big hug. talked to his roommates for a little bit - vince says my initiation is to steal them a vacuum, so they can clean. pft, easy.
anyway. work - had an awesome cigarette break with rob. we chatted about work issues and the guy who died on friday. nothing extraordinary, but it was still cool standing out by the dog legs, smoking, talking to this guy i rarely ever get to see.
then after! oh man extreme. tuey and i went for ice cream, but maggie moo's was closed!! and mark wouldn't let us in, that jerk. so we ran to baskin 'n robbins, got our ice cream there, then drove back and rubbed it in his face. he came out and was all like "i can't help it, i already closed out. but at least you didn't go to cold stone!" great fun.
then after that! brent and i went to the pool hall. hurrah! we played for about an hour, and he gave me the ultimate compliment: "you've gotten a lot better." i almost beat him every time. we'd each have one ball on the table, then he'd come in and win.
also, fantastic moment of older-brother-protectiveness. i get to look forward to this a lot next year at all the parties. we're getting in the car and he's talking about how he wanted to jam the pool stick into ira's face for the way he was staring at my butt every time i'd take a shot. guys are skeezes, i'm used to it, but it's hilarious how brent gets all pissy about it.
so now, bed, and tomorrow, wearing the same shirt again.

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