Monday, March 07, 2005

dispatch - the general

drove home, sublimely content. i'd spent the day planning a picnic with chanel, scrounging change for drinks and getting lost looking for a beach. back at ozz's, we got preached to by a 50 year old homeless woman. we ran through the parking lot at work, giving piggy back rides and wet willies.

it's almost summer, sort of. sunny weather, at least. so i'd busted out the 311. the roads were empty, my window was down, and the rockin' sounds of reggae filled my ears. and out of nowhere, some brief flash of a memory came to me. elaina and i, agreeing to "never talk about this night again." we'd both been embarassed and depressed, feeling worthless and dumb... but i can't remember why. maybe we'd been planning something, and it had fell through? i don't remember! i need to call and ask her what it was. nothing incest-y, gross you, stop thinking that.

edit: 10:00
elaina has no idea either. she remembers that sequence too, us running from my car into the house laughing, agreeing that we'd be losers forever if anyone ever found out. but she doesn't know either!! argh!

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punkrocktuey said...

Dude hotjava...I am sure you put it in there somewhere!!!