Wednesday, March 23, 2005

eels - climbing to the moon

got a sky that looks like heaven
got an earth that looks like shit
and it's getting hard to tell where
what i am ends
and what they're making me begins

feeling good and strong! since i pretty much live at the two pools now, i've taken to swimming every day. i've already improved my stamina - i can keep my breathing stable a lot longer than i could the first day! plus lindsey taught me how to do a flip turn, so i'm getting better at that, too. since swimming isn't a resistance workout, my muscles don't ache as much as they did after crew.. and it's a lot easier to get myself to do, since i'm already in the pool. i miss running, but every time i try picking it up again, i get sicker than before. so, we'll see how it goes.

other than that... really... nothing exciting has really been happening. school drags on and on, less interesting every day. i've taken to sitting in the library and reading during lunches instead of being around people. it's a seperation thing. i'm between places - my mind is dead set on anywhere but here, and here is the only place i can be right now. the little stuff keeps me going - david offering to buy me shoes, listening to third eye blind on the bus. i was looking at the trees along the side of the road today, and had a flashback to a childhood fantasy of mine. i wanted to live all alone in a wood cottage with a wide porch, the red-bark trees all around the house. i'd hang a hammock in the trees to sleep at night, explore the wilderness during the day. there'd be a tropical beach just a little ways off. and i would have a pet wolf. aww, i was such a reclusive little kid.

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