Thursday, January 04, 2007


In a desperate bid to keep myself awake all day, I've accomplished more in 14 hours than I did all break. Let's see: Work. Proper shower followed by proper application of makeup. (I even switched the part in my hair.) Cleaned room. Made bed. Pulled dead flowers/leaves off plant nearest bed. Watered said plant. Inspected window plant but left it alone. Finished UW application essay. Finished UW application. (Didn't submit it yet, though.) Bought textbooks. Printed out required printouts. Switched to 2007 calendar. Finished Kafka on the Shore. Began Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (which coworker says is excellent.) Socialized with Whitey. Bought new shoes. Found the burrito bandit, chastised him mightily. Read several online articles. Realized (again) that I'm an introvert. Mailed Netflix.

Now I'm bored of recalling what I've done today, but hopefully you'll believe that I was productive. For the next hour, before scooting off to watch The Office, I will either a) read more Confessions b) pluck my eyebrows to look like those pretty Jewish female soldiers or c) read macroeconomics. Option C is the least likely.

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