Saturday, January 06, 2007

My water bottle says "Ride Early, Ride Often".

My mountain bike has a sticker that says "Burn fat, not oil".

Last night I had another killing dream. This time it was my brother dispatching random people in the streets.

Yesterday's (and all of 2007's) exciting news! I finally got myself a road bike! And let me tell you. I have never been so scared in my life. I road it up to campus today, then decided to take a new way home. Found a very large hill, and found just how fast that bike can go shortly after. Adrenaline? yes. Scared silly of doing it again? Definitely. Once I get used to the death defying speeds and the bike's unwillingness to slow down, I'm sure I'll want to sleep with the thing cuddled in my arms. But for now it's a huge menacing beast living in the back porch, defying me to take it on.

You know what's even better about this bike? It's red. With pink and orange handlebar tape. And it came with just about every accoutrement a road bike can have. Clipless pedals, odometer, air pump, lock, bike bag. All I really need (now) is a fender over the wheels, so when I take to riding in the rain, I won't get soaked by all the up-splashing water.

Maybe you noticed that I said "all I need (now)." Yeah, I bought a lot of stuff yesterday. I'm REI's favorite client. I had to buy shoes to use the clipless pedals, a windbreaker, bike pants, and a light. The light's getting returned but everything else... Ouch. My debit card cried when it saw the bill. Basically I just won't be eating this month.

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