Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sundays are slow in Bellingham

I had this semi-great idea this morning (it was mostly just an excuse to play with my camera.) I decided to take pictures of everything somewhat worthwhile throughout the day. Here 'tis.


Thought about putting away my laundry...

...decided to stare forlornly at my bed instead. If I could sleep 12 hours a day, I would.

Playing with the self-timer.

My jade plant. I like to pretend my room is a jungle.

New graffiti on the way to work. He appeared during the snow flurries.

This place is either the best restaurant ever, or the worst. It depends if you're trying to be healthy or just enjoy your food.

After about 2 straight hours of Impatient People Wanting to Swim, this is how I felt.

Happy kids are adorable.

Every time I go into the staff room, this wall haunts me. I dread lessons.

Time to go home! ¡Hasta luego piscina!

This is not leftovers. This is a piece of edible heaven. Unfortunately, I didn't get to actually eat it. Irene...

... decided we should begin a bike tour of Bellingham, taking on every Mexican restaurant we can find. This girl's got ideas.

We (Irene, Seth, me) all finished our food before Tiana even got there. Look at those perfect enchiladas. Look at all those other empty plates.

Finally got my DFI fix. This Mexican bike tour is going to kill me. DFI para todas las cenas.

Tiana's ready to ride home on her scooter. Bikers like myself don't need so many layers, our sweat keeps us warm.

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