Sunday, January 28, 2007

feeling like playing Scrabble

Earlier this morning I discovered some sort of movie-sharing software called Jaman. It's in the beta form right now, so renting (see: downloading) the movies is still free. And they carry Bollywood. Actually, from what I can tell, the entire software is dedicated to sharing foreign films. It's my new favorite toy. I also like the name. Jaman. I like to say it with a jamaican accent and pretend the creators of the software are just a bunch of movie pirates. Arr!

Our house meeting this morning went something along these lines: We've gotten really messy. Wash your dishes. Wipe down the counters. And someone please figure out how to get the bathroom sink to start draining again.

We celebrated the successful meeting by going out to some cafe whose name I can't remember but it starts with an A. It was very crowded on this sunny Sunday morning, mostly with other people I recognized from campus/used to have a class with. It was slightly creepy, but I was distracted from watching once my hugely disgusting biscuits and gravy arrived.

Friday in the coffeehouse, AJ made me stop conversation to listen to the Regina Spektor song playing. And now I realize why I've been hearing her name tossed about in the wind lately. This russian girl? She sings excellently. I've been listening to one song, Musicbox, repeatedly. The lyrics are about making an armada of bottle caps in her sink, then using her hands to capsize them in giant waves.

Someday, I hope to grow a giant bougainvillea bush. I'd probably need a yard, regular sun, and lots of fertilizer. But it'd be worth it to look out my window and imagine being in the tropics.

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