Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dil Se

I've never had heartburn before. I used to mock Tuey in high school when she'd complain about it. All those uncaring quips are being paid for in full during the last two days. It's been raging in my chest like mad, and no matter what I eat (or don't eat), no matter how much water or tea I drink, it just won't go away. And so now I ask this question: What the hell is heartburn? What causes it? How do I get it to go away? Should I expect this torment for the rest of my life now? (Don't worry, I'm going to actually look this up online, not just ponder to myself.)

Oh, and Dil Se... is a weird movie. Different from your usual Bollywood. The more time I have away from it, the more it grows on me. I don't think I'd ever sit down to watch it again, but I'll never regret watching it in the first place. If anyone's interested (yeah, sure!), it's a Shahrukh film about terrorism. It's not funny, the 4 measly music numbers are excellent, and the ending made me burst into peals of laughter.

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I believe I would be up to this...