Wednesday, April 13, 2005

alanis morisette - you learn

i recommend getting your heart trampeled on to anyone
i recommend walking around naked in your living room

oh yeah. excellent morning doing just that - no one was home, and the blinds are still closed for privacy from the landscapers. good things have been happening all day like that. jon asked me to cut his hair later, then tuey and i made plans to find me a prom dress. right as school gets out, i follow ian to his car. he dug around in his trunk and found me some beef ramen, since i'd been bitching about the whole hungry/broke/no food at home thing. it was awesome! so i drove home, windows down, classical music blasting, my hair whipping around my face. it felt fantastic. i sat out on a rock in the backyard, reading a book and eating my noodles. scott came out and told me to play my guitar instead, it'd be the cooler thing to do, but i flipped him off and told him to go back inside. tuey and jon both ended up bailing out on me, but i don't mind. it's nice sitting on my ass for a few hours.

[edit] 8:20 pm

@ the workplace. i know, i know, it's all i ever talk about. but it's all i have, really. my social life revolves around the pool. anyway, one of my kids made me homemade cookies, and another one drew me a picture! awwww. then lindsey and i tried to do the water walkway. scary shit man, we fell a lot. and the diving board, that was cool too, except i don't know how to dive. at all. it was funny and painful and filled with water up the nose. and jamie is, of course, the bestest girl to talk to ever.

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