Friday, April 15, 2005

smashing pumpkins - zero

that song is dedicated to tuey!!

ap lit freaked me out today. i realized it's not enough to have little discussions about books we read in class. if i'm going to be reading the classics independantly, i need to do a little research, too. so i've started looking up As I Lay Dying, since i loved it so much, but didn't really understand it at all.

The fragility and uncertainty of human existence is further illustrated at the end of the novel, when Anse introduces his new wife as “Mrs. Bundren,” a name that, until recently, has belonged to Addie. If the identity of Mrs. Bundren can be usurped so quickly, the inevitable conclusion is that any individual’s identity is equally unstable.

even though i'm totally ripping off sparknotes, i feel like faustus. i am all-knowing now.

i bought my prom dress!! oh wow, it is so pretty. i'm going to either lighten or darken my hair before prom, maybe cut it shorter too. and of course, buy some cheap flashy jewelry from claire's. shoes? i'm using the same ones i did when i went to prom freshman year.

[edit] 11:11 pm -- make a wish!!

it's official! when i said i was broke before, i was joking. now, i'm completely dead serious. i'll have about $50 to my name, after i pay for my plane ticket. but that's the beautiful part! i've got my plane ticket! i'm going to florida this summer!! (note to self: save $$. no more eating out. if i go hungry, that's okay. forget about new cd's and books and clothes -- tough it out. there's enough junk in that room, half of it'll have to be abandoned for college anyway.)

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