Thursday, April 14, 2005

lemonheads - the outdoor type

Always had a roof above me
Always paid the rent
but I've never set foot inside a tent
Can't build a fire to save my life
I lied about being the outdoor type

i've never slept out underneath the stars,
the closest that i came to that was one time my car
broke down for an hour in the suburbs at night
i lied about being the outdoor type.

Too scared to let you know you knew what you were looking for
I lied until I fit the bill god bless the great indoors
I lied about being the outdoor type
I've never owned a sleeping bag let alone a mountain bike

i can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend
what if something's on tv and its never shown again
its just as well i'm not invited i'm afraid of heights
i lied about being the outdoor type

Never learned to swim can't grow a beard or even fight
I lied about being the outdoor type

first time i heard this song, ellie and i were driving around. the music shut up all conversation - the lyrics had us thralled, waiting for the next line. when it was over, we laughed joyously and agreed that it was one of the most fantastic songs ever. today, i went over to their apartment. ellie was sleeping again, and chanelle gave me lots of new pants.

work was hilarious! it's just the little day-to-day things that make it so great. we pried open the comment box (it's an end-of-session ritual). amy and bryce bitched endlessly about how messed up our work is, how our bosses know shit and all the wrong people are in charge. then they told me where to find a painting job (!)

went to taco bell with erika and ian. erika's such a sweety, she's decided we should be friends so we're going to start hangin' out on the weekends (when though? i have no time!) she tried to convince me to hang out with her 'n ian all the time, but one look at them and hell no, i will not be the third wheel. until i've got someone of my own to shove hot sauce in his face, it'll just have to wait.

highlight of the day! last night i got fed up with never eating and told my parents to go shopping (and i was very rude about it!) they tried calming me down and i bitched more. eventually they started in on how i don't keep a budget, so i walked away (again, rude.) now, tonight, i came home and my mom runs up and goes "chelsea! i'm so glad your home! look what i did!" and she goes through the fridge and pantry and bread box showing me all the things she bought for me to eat. bagels, spaghetti fixin's, ramen, apples 'n caramel dip (that's a first!), and she even bought a chicken for dinner and saved me a piece of pineapple cake! i scarfed down way too much food. i can't move. i ate half a loaf of french bread, it was that good.

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